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The objective of the Lifestyle Makeover is to provide you with the guidance and framework to PURGE ALL of your unearned, undeserved, and inappropriate feelings of Guilt and Shame, FOREVER!

These ONLY serve to inhibit you and hobble your progress. Delaying your destiny, and keeping you from becoming the person you SHOULD and CAN be… Confident of your OWN Power, affirmed by your own decisions, and TRULY accepting of — and comfortable with — yourself!

We focus initially on helping you to overcome the LIFETIME of religiously & culturally reinforced negative, nonsensical and emotionally abusive social programming that you have unwittingly accepted.

The Worthy Playboy Manifesto: A Lifestyle of Successfulness®

A Primer for Successfulness®

We will not ‘deprogram you’ — but rather, by stepping you through a comprehensive series of irrefutable arguments, supported by undeniable facts, and leading to inescapable conclusions — YOU WILL *PERSONALLY* PROVE TO YOURSELF that you have been suffering FOR NOTHING — and with that, you will feel like a new person – *GUARANTEED!*

Most people don’t even realize that they are suffering! They ENDURE countless insignificant or even miserable days, without progressing. Without becoming more mature, more satisfied, or more comfortable as they age. They simply become more numb to their pain, and more oblivious to (or accepting of!) their life’s slipping away from them – like water down the drain!

The Successfulness Institute doesn’t permit that kind of self-abandonment!

Our students are TORN from their comforting-misery, and have plainly demonstrated in excruciating detail HOW AND WHY their suffering is ENTIRELY SELF-INFLICTED, and can be ended forever, as easily as turning off the tap!

YOU needn’t suffer any longer. We will help you develop legitimate, justified self-respect; to establish appropriate self-esteem, and purge erroneous and worthless artifacts left in place from your childhood, your ‘job’, your formal education, from television, and from Society-at-Large. We will help you establish, FOR YOURSELF, who you really are, and what really matters to you – and for you.

We are NOT merely offering ’empowerment’ —


— literally, an end to needless suffering, once and for all!

«Successfulness» is the most attractive and compelling quality a person may possess. It is ENTIRELY INTERNALLY GENERATED, and requires absolutely NO affirmation nor validation by anyone else, period.

It is ONLY generated through matching your appropriate self-esteem to your self-confidence (thereby achieving ‘Self-Satisfaction’) and conjoining that with genuine, self-sustaining Happiness.

Keys to Successfulness®

  • Recognizing that Happiness, like Misery, is a state-of-mind – and as such, IS ALWAYS A CHOICE!
  • Learning to manage expectations of YOURSELF, and of OTHERS, and of Yourself in the minds of others.  (Enduring persistant disappointment is irrational, self-defeating, and entirely unnecessary.)
  • Identifing that SELF-DECEPTION is the true ROOT of ALL EVIL, and therefore Guarding against it above all else!
  • Appreciating and accepting yourself, and others – PARTICULARLY those of your gender-preference – And ensuring that you are neither tainting nor inflating your assessments due to INFATUATION,  OBSESSION, or ROMANCE!  [see item C), above.]
  • Discovering who you truly ARE, and from that, determining what you’ll do– and NEVER DOING ANYTHING that you wouldn’t do. (ie., never compromising your integrity & ethical boundaries, even momentarily!)
  • Employing ‘Reasoned Confidence’.  Developing a consistent and reliable model for your own rationale – Aligning your intellectual evaluations with your emotional ones, and ensuring you come to quorum not JUST between those, but also with your conscience, BEFORE  MAKING YOUR DECISIONS.
  • Internalizing that «AUTHORITY» & «RESPONSIBILITY» are actually the SAME CONCEPT – and that they must NEVER be allowed to be separated.  They must ALWAYS be reciprocally congruent.  This means, NEVER accepting responsibility for ANYTHING you cannot ultimately control – such as the emotions or decisions of other people!
  • Offering ‘Hobson’s Choice’ to others.  Exposing them to YOUR REAL SELF, accepting that THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE whether to begin or maintain a relationship with you, or not. (Pretending you are anything other than you genuinely are is UNFAIR to both of you!)
  • Liberating yourself from the oppression of societies’ counter-human rules & codes of conduct – and realizing that most EVERYONE is attempting to follow an artificially constructed lifestyle which is both IMPOSSIBLE and irrational, and provides NO OPPORTUNITY FOR SUCCESSFULNESS!   Keeping yourself from doing anything in which you have reasoned confidence simply because you seek the approval (or fear the disapproval) of anyone you don’t genuinely ADMIRE is madness!
  • Reclaiming the ORIGINAL meaning of «Success»:  A success is merely AN OUTCOME; the result of an ATTEMPT.  One in a successionof successes, each successively attempted,  which one hopes ideally will lead to a positive success, or even an optimal success. Therefore, as the OPPOSITE of «Success» is FAILURE  (ie, NOT MAKING AN ATTEMPT!) One only FAILS when they cannot, or will not, make any attempt. [We have, over generations, corrupted the word «success» to necessitate a positive result, thereby making «failure» the only alternative, and demotivating people even to TRY!]
  • Mastering your Ego – the voice in your head which intercepts everything you see, hear, and consider, and tells you WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO DO, discounting everything new or challenging as «foolhardy and pointless, and sure to cause pain & humiliation».It will remain IMPOSSIBLE  to progress until you become comfortable ignoring or subjugating your Ego, because it fears EMBARRASSMENT more than misery & stagnation, and would sooner you suffer than IT – since learning ANYTHING NEW initially requires risking failure to accomplish it. [See J) above.]
  • Understanding ‘Belonging’: No one can assign belonging to another – Belonging (literally to LONG for something) is something each individual determines about themselves. Your partner ONLY ‘belongs’ to you if he/she LONGS to be with you when they aren’t – and this has NOTHING TO DO WITH ‘PROPERTY’, ‘OWNERSHIP’, nor ‘POSSESSION’.
  • Realizing that JEALOUSY IS AN OPPOSITE OF LOVE. Jealousy is JUST the sensation of your Ego shouting at you, that IF you gave your beloved the CHOICE, they wouldn’t choose you. (WHY WOULD YOU WANT to be with someone who WOULDN’T CHOOSE YOU?)
  • Appreciating that HUMANS CAN NOT BE PROPERTY.  «Your partner» is ONLY «yours» so long as they choose to be, AND you choose for them to be… and this may end at any time. There is NOTHING you can do to FORCE someone to love or belong to you.  [See G) above.]
  • Recognizing that HATE is NOT an opposite of Love – rather, it is a special, highly-empassioned FORM of Love, normally saved for people who SUCK!  So long as you remain emotionally invested  in the happiness and wellbeing of another person, you Love them. Do not waste your Love on such people.

Most everyone alive, and virtually everyone in the Seduction Community, has been raised grossly misunderstanding their OWN motivations, and still worse, the motivations of the opposite sex.

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That we’re all fundamentally after the same things, and that by using our model of direct communication, not only will the ‘defenses’ be dropped, but YOU WILL BE WELCOMED WITH OPEN ARMS, and accepted and appreciated holistically.

‘The Game’ is not about ‘Picking up girls’ — it’s THE GAME OF LIFE, and we will not only teach you how to WIN IT, but also to enjoy the results of playing it well for the rest of your days.

The Game of Life, ONCE YOU REALIZE IT, can be uniformly satisfying, joyous and pleasant, rich and rewarding, and above all, SATISFYING. But like a video-game, sometimes it helps to know the cheat-codes. And that’s what we are here to teach!

  • How to FREE YOURSELF from the constraints of peer-pressure (No mere childhood issue, it is much more profound than anyone would imagine!)
  • How to liberate yourself from the ANXIETY OF NOT KNOWING, thereby empowering you to learn new things, without compunction, shame, or fear.
  • How to emancipate yourself from the belief that STRANGERS’ OPINIONS MATTER!
  • How to ‘reframe’ conversations, to ensure YOUR message is getting through!
  • Ultimately, the ability calmly, happily, and confidently to speak your mind and build communication frames which suit all parties will become central to your interactions with others, and we’ll teach you how and why it works, and get you underway!

Previous Successfulness Gurus Include:

(Final 2019 line-up will be announced at a later date)


And of course our host:


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An Intensive Course:

The Lifestyle Makeover is NOT certain to bring you the sublime mastery of confidence your instructors will demonstrate – but it *IS GUARANTEED* to give you a RADICAL improvement in your self-respect, self-confidence, and appreciation of life, overall!

Certain deeply ingrained issues, hysterical phobias, and debilitating fears might require extremely powerful, yet non-invasive hypnotherapy, which is available through the institute at your request.

Our goal is to explain certain key elements in a semi-firm order, with plenty of break-out time. During break-outs, the mentors will help students work through any issues which cause them difficulty, or require further elaboration and explanation.

The Q&A will be basically constant – and you and your fellow students, over the course of the workshop, will become more and more able to answer one-another’s questions. This isn’t a ‘Juice You Up’ thing… Once you UNDERSTAND what you’ll be introduced to, you WON’T BE ABLE to ‘Take the Blue Pill’ anymore. Once you see the world clearly for what it TRULY is, and other people for their roles within The Game, you will NEVER be able to pull the wool over your own eyes again.

Sound scary? It’s WORTH IT!

The changes in your BRAIN will be felt overnight, if not immediately! – These mindset changes will be followed between a couple-of-days and several weeks later by the acceptance of your new paradigm into your emotional-center. (Your feelings aren’t logical, like your conscious mind, but they DO REASON, and resolving these new insights, and coming to comfort with the fantastic-yet-true replacements, overcoming the momentum of a lifetime of faulty programming… can take a little time!)

If you’re sick of feeling that you’ve disappointed yourself, tired of accepting the frustrations of your mundane life, and you are seeking a non-religious answer to WHY THINGS JUST DON’T MAKE SENSE all around you — Come to us. If you want a life-enhancing and spiritually/psychologically permanent improvement in the way you live, in every aspect of your world, come to us.

Your reality WILL be REFRAMED for the better, Guaranteed!

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Begin Life-Long Successfulness through our intensive transformation workshop.

In-Class Lectures, Group Discussions, Demonstrations and Guest Speakers

 This workshop will RADICALLY reframe any negative fundamental preconceptions, and dispel your limiting beliefs, ensuring your easy transition to becoming a Happy, Self-Satisfied «Worthy Playboy/Playgirl» – confident and capable of arousing, dating and seducing any kind of playmates you desire!

Around Town, in Lounges and Parties fora Total Immersion Experience

This is for rPUAs (Recovering ‘Pick Up Artists’), guys with Natural social skills, «Second Naturals» who have developed Natural-like comfort with women, Amorati, or other self-confident men who are ready to reach THE NEXT LEVEL, and become charming, disarming, alluring, compelling, and arousing to these women of limitless Sex Appeal!

– Dating Successfulness

– Relationship Successfulness

– Successfulness in Bed

– Primal Successfulness

– Spiritual Successfulness

– Practical Successfulness

– Career Successfulness

– Successfulness in Business,
Communications and Negotiations

Check out some of these clips to get a sense of what’s in store for you!

«Successfulness» is the most attractive and compelling quality a person may possess. It is ENTIRELY INTERNALLY GENERATED, and requires absolutely NO affirmation nor validation by anyone else, period.

It is ONLY generated through matching your appropriate self-esteem to your self-confidence (thereby achieving ‘Self-Satisfaction’) and conjoining that with genuine, self-sustaining Happiness.


The only thing I plan to ensure you understand about picking up women is this:
Bend from your knees, and lift with your legs, NOT your back! Otherwise, it hurts like mad the next day! (ESPECIALLY if you’re picking them up in pairs, as I usually do!)

Make no mistake! I’m not criticizing either the teaching of, or someone’s learning ‘Pick Up’ techniques…

It’s fine for modern men to discover that it’s NOT an affront to approach someone, and to begin a friendly interaction – in that way, learning ‘Pick Up’ is very helpful.

But once you become comfortable and confident in breaking the ice, expressing anything other than your true self is self-sabotage, as well as unethical and creepy.

Once you are able to break through initial resistance, it is time to become disarming – to have the people you find interesting share themselves with you, willingly.

Transcending ‘Pick Up’, by becoming comfortable getting to genuinely KNOW someone, and letting them get to know the real you, is pivotal to establishing a worthwhile relationship.

ANY TIME you present yourself as ANYTHING OTHER THAN YOU ARE, you’re misrepresenting yourself.

And, if you say anything to a woman which you know is untrue, you are LYING to her.

Think about it: «Pick Up Artistry» is fundamentally based in deceit.

The PUA is JUST PRETENDING to a woman that he’s cooler, smarter, more interesting, more powerful, and more desirable than he really is – and that if she allows him to go to bed with her, she will NOT regret it!

I say…


There’s a reason that throughout history, being a ‘Pick-Up Artist’ has been a shameful designation, one which nobody would wish for themselves…


Because A PICK UP ARTIST is simply a CON ARTIST in the domain of the Sexual Predator!

Plain and simple.

Now, consider this – If you pitch yourself to a woman as someone she’d like to have as «her man» and she buys what you’re selling – so offers herself to you – while you have ZERO intention of being «her man»…

By accepting her offer, you are defrauding her! RIPPING HER OFF!

Sound Familiar?!

Just like 99% of men who find the ‘Pick-Up Community’, you’ve been bombarded with countless tips, techniques and tactics promising to make you appear more attractive…

…while knowing deep within your heart, that the person you’ve been trained to present to women is not you…

…and evading the fact that what you’ve been actually trying to do is CON women into bed by pretending to be something you are not!

Here’s The Good News: NONE of this is your fault – YOU HAVE BEEN MISLED.

There is a better way.

A MUCH better way.

You see, the ‘Pick-Up Community’ has molted into The Pickup Industry, and become so completely main-stream that it has you fooled into trusting it as an authority.

In other words, it’s become incredibly easy to blindly follow people who don’t know any better themselves!

What seemed like the «magic bullet» for meeting women has seduced your mind into manipulating the minds of others – just as it was designed to do – and most likely, you started getting REACTIONS from girls that you never saw before.

ANY guy who starts with almost NOTHING and starts getting make-outs, phone numbers, and maybe even a «same night pull» instantly assumes they’ve finally arrived!

But, in reality…

What The PUA Community Has Taught You Has Doomed You To FAILURE Since Day One!

ESPECIALLY when it comes to engaging Professionally Beautiful Women – girls who are approached by self-proclaimed «players» ALL THE TIME – but are only interested in genuine men with authentic intentions, since they know that they have all the options in the world.

Of course, I’m talking about the sort of stunning women who might find your PUA gimmicks amusing, but will never take you seriously….

Now, imagine how your life would be if you could STOP:

  • Pretending to be someone (or something) you’re not, just to IMPRESS anybody.
  • Fearing women as if they were the enemy and have conspired against you…
  • Degrading women to impress other men with your «pick up» skills…
  • Lying to women, making up stories, or masking your true intentions…
  • Manipulating women, hoping they will sleep with you after a «Day 2» or «Day 3″…
  • Using women as targets that you objectify as a goal (either as trophies or notches on your belt)…
  • Abandoning your identity to become a «Pickup Artist» and thinking this will make you «good with girls» and HAPPY as a result…

And instead, START to obtain incredible success with women who WANT to be with you by CHOICE!

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Seem too good to be true?   It’s not.

I am living proof that this is possible for anyone!   I’m an average looking, late-40s, overweight, balding guy who lives a ridiculous playboy lifestyle.

I’m regarded as a Guru’s Guru, and I’m proud that virtually every respected Community Guru you’ve likely studied has sought my counsel at least once – whether to solve some persistent personal challenge, or to have massive breakthroughs in their understandings of the Human Condition…

What we will do for you is reveal the most important things you can do RIGHT NOW to escape the self-imposed prison into which you’ve unwittingly condemned yourself…

…and guide you to the «next level» of living – which most men believe is pure fantasy…

…and PROVE to yourself that you can finally have the effortless success with these extremely attractive, highly desirable women – living the worthy life of self-satisfaction that you’ll deserve!

All it takes is:

A Simple (And Proven) Step-By-Step Action plan to implement Self-Mastery, street-smart seduction savvy, and ensure consistent, genuine success with Professionally Beautiful Women For The Rest Of Your Life!

Now, you may notice that I mention «professionally beautiful women» a couple of times, here.

That’s because we are talking about redefining your «Game» to dizzying new heights of masculine enlightenment light-years BEYOND the norm…

…forcing you to raise your bar of self-worthiness, and finally feel DESERVING of women you’d once considered out of your league.

You know the type – Porn stars, models, actresses, high-end escorts, exotic dancers, spokesmodels: Any girl who is PAID for their remarkable beauty and sexiness, and may seem out-of-your-grasp.

Imagine living a lifestyle where these types of ‘unattainable’ women seek you out on a regular basis, who CHOOSE you and WANT to sleep with you – unlike less self-respecting women who may fall for the shallow tricks that your average PUA preaches with fanatic-like enthusiasm.

Look, if you’ve got the guts (and desire the glory) to live the «Worthy Playboy» lifestyle – just as hundreds of men before you, there’s nothing stopping you!  It’s waiting here for you, and we’re delighted to be able to share it with you!

Here’s a few more recent testimonials for your consideration, from both men AND women who’ve participated in our Workshops! :)

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